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About Us.

White Coat White Collar ®
is a global community, podcast, and career development resource dedicated to helping STEM and healthcare students and professionals land their dream careers.

Founded by Dr. Aurellia Whitmore, White Coat White Collar® is a global community and go-to resource for STEM and healthcare students, graduates, and professionals looking to explore diverse career options in their fields. The platform consists of a career podcast, community network, and career services, all designed to help current and aspiring STEM and healthcare professionals demystify the career landscape. Launching June 20, 2022, the White Coat White Collar® podcast dives deep into the real career trajectories of STEM and healthcare professionals as guests share their unique journeys from a white coat background or training to a white collar or corporate career.

STEM & healthcare career discovery
rooted in inclusivity.

We are deeply committed to providing an inclusive career development platform for students and professionals with STEM, healthcare, and other science-related backgrounds at every stage of the career journey. Whether you are in your first year of undergrad or the last semester of grad school, a computer scientist with a bachelor's degree or a biologist with a doctorate, a new hire just starting your career or a seasoned professional with 10+ years of experience under your belt, White Coat White Collar ® is for you.

Ready to turn your career dreams into a reality?
Tap into these career development resources that were custom-designed for students, graduates, and professionals with STEM and healthcare backgrounds.

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