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The Podcast.

White Coat White Collar ® Podcast
A bi-weekly series highlighting unique career journeys and options for STEM and healthcare professionals.


The Latest Episode

Tune in to hear host Dr. Aurellia Whitmore chat with our latest podcast guest about their unique journey from white coat to white collar career.


The Full Episode Library

Browse through our episode library to find interesting topics and conversations that we’ve covered in the White Coat White Collar ® podcast so far.

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White Coat White Collar ® Podcast can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.


The Podcast


The White Coat White Collar ® Podcast is a Bi-weekly career series designed for STEM and healthcare professionals by STEM and healthcare professionals. In each episode, podcast host Dr. Rell dives deep into the diverse career options in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-related fields. Join us as we listen to real white coats (PhDs, PharmDs, healthcare professionals, and STEM professionals) share their journeys to white-collar careers.

Our Focus

Our focus is simple: the White Coat White Collar ® Podcast highlights the diverse career journeys of  STEM and healthcare professionals.

Our Guests

Our podcast guests include a diverse lineup of STEM and healthcare professionals from traditional, corporate, and non-traditional settings.

Our Purpose

We're on a mission to demystify the career landscape so STEM and healthcare students, graduates, and professionals can find the path best suited to them.

Our Audience

The White Coat White Collar ® Podcast is designed especially for students, graduates, and professionals with STEM or healthcare backgrounds.

Join us as we explore diverse career options for STEM and healthcare professionals.

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