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Renee Campbell, MD

Global Access Manager

I am a product of the White Coat White Collar bootcamp. The creativity relevance that Dr. Rell provided during the boot camp, which we crashed into two full days before my interview was exclusive and invaluable. I received the job offer the very next day. I would recommend her to other aspiring scientists or doctors. She has a robust network so even if she doesn't know the answer to something STEM-related. She certainly knows a person who does. My White Coat to White Collar experience landed me a position at ACI Incorporated, a pharmaceutical company.

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Rebecca Rodriguez

Pre-Dentistry Student

When I first met Dr. Rell, she was still a student in her PhD program. She helped me in my early experience in the same area and inspired me to keep working for my goals. Being an undergraduate graduate is stressful and comes with a lot of challenges.  Dr. Rell helped me by offering career advice and tell me the importance of diversifying my role as a student to make myself a more competitive applicant when my time to apply for dental school comes. I personally recommend her career service to anyone at any level in this area to achieve your career goals.

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Samantha Jones, PhD

PhD Scientist

I wanted to transition from a white coat to a white collar career and Dr. Rell helped me to do that. In my White Coat to White Collar experience, I landed several job opportunities including a postdoctoral fellowship at Augusta University, where I participate in operating and managing several research projects aimed at cancer and disease prevention. I plan to become a principal investigator of several large-scale community-based prevention projects and I will definitely be reaching out to Dr. Rell again.

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